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Surrogate Mothers in India

Surrogate Mothers in India

Surrogate Mothers in India

Presently in India the ART Bill to control Surrogacy is with the government waiting to be introduced in parliament. Therefore at the Kiran Infertility Centre we follow the guidelines issued by Indian Council of Medical Research(I.C.M.R.) and American Society of reproductive medicine (A.S.R.M.) for Third Party Assisted Reproduction. I.C.M.R. is the Government organization that is entrusted with the responsibility of framing of Laws for regulation of Assisted Reproductive Treatments in India.

These guidelines state that Facility providing Surrogacy Treatment shouldn’t be directly concerned in advertising and recruitment of a surrogate mother or egg donor.

Following these guidelines at our clinic, Surrogate Mothers for our entire cases are recruited through an ART bank.

keeping the ICMR guidelines and the Medical council of India regulations we do not work with any medical tourism agencies or middlemen and encourage patients to approach us directly.

 Screening the Surrogate

Once the surrogate has been inducted, she is going to pass thorough medical,surgical and psychological evaluations.

Psychological evaluation is done to check that the surrogate mother is mentally healthy and to make sure that she is going to be able to follow the protocols provided to her in due course of treatment and through her pregnancy period and later. Careful analysis is done to make sure that the mother has not been subjected to any pressure or coercion.

Blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases and all other communicable disease are done including chromosomal karyotyping and genetic counselling.Blood-Hormone tests and different pathological and bio chemical tests are also performed.

A cervical culture or DNA check to screen for infection with Chlamydi, Gonococcus, and different infective organisms that may interfere with a succesful outcome

Once the woman has undergone these tests and her Medical, Physical and Psychological Fitness is determined then only she is formally inducted into Program.

Note: an equivalent Medical, Physical &surgical history along with Psychological counselling is done for evaluating Donors as-well. All donors are tested for the presence of a cystic fibrosis (CF) mutation. Donors of African, and Mediterranean are checked for sickle cell anemia and thalassemia.