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Dr. Mrs. Kiran.D Sekhar (Medical Director) a Gold Medallist in her Graduation & Post Graduation in Obstetrics/Gynecology has worked in various positions and was senior professor at the renowned Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad; In-charge of the Infertility Clinic at Govt. Maternity Hospital, Hyderabad; and worked at the prestigious King Fahad Hospital. Saudi Arabia as senior consultant and was Head of Dept., Obstetrics and Gynecology at Farasan General Hospital, Saudi Arabia. During her association with these various prestigious Medical Institutions she forecasted that Infertility would be one of the big problems in future and felt that in India there was always a need to establish a facility that provides treatment only to Infertile Couples. Then she decided to establish Infertility related Super Specialty Facility as in that time there was no such institute in India providing integrated Treatment for infertility and she established the Kiran Infertility Centre in the late part of 1980’s to cater the needs of Infertile Couples from across India and the rest of the world.Dr. Kiran Sekhar was vice president of FOGSI9 federation of obstetrics and gynecologists societies of India which is an umbrella organization for more than 25,000 obstetricians and gynecologists across India. She was also chairman of genetics and fetal medicine wing of FOGSI

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Dr. Naresh Sekhar – the Managing Director and Male Infertility Specialist for K I C., has an experience of more than 30 years in treating male infertility and responsible for furthering medical education in the field of infertility. Our center has trained more than 100 doctors in the field of infertility and assisted reproduction. His leadership is our driving force, always egging us on to increase our overall standards to achieve better results and to provide better service.


Dr. Pratima Grover – senior Consultant at K I C., has trained at the Cleveland Clinic, USA, one of the leading centers across the world in the field of Assisted Reproduction. She is responsible for day to day obstetric and gynecological counselling and care of our patients.
As you would have noticed our entire team as a unit, deals only with infertility and nothing else, this is what we do all the time, and we can proudly and confidently say- we are good at what we do.


Dr. Samit Sekhar – has a master’s degree in Andrology and men’s health and is in-charge of the overall maintenance of IVF lab and is involved in day to day patient interaction and counseling. Dr. Samit is also General Secretary for INSTAR – Indian society for third party assisted reproduction. He laid the foundation for the Kiran Infertility Centre’s  Surrogacy Program for International Patients (Reproductive Tourism) in 2008 and in last four years this program has been a great success with the maximum number of babies born through this program. People in this program comprise of more than 1200 International Parents from 22 different Nationalities and Intended Parents from 16 different Nationalities have successfully taken back their babies.

With a Goal ‘To realize Everyone’s Dream of having their own Baby’ and with belief in ancient principles of Karma, our passion for Excellence, Continuous Learning, and a firm commitment towards all the Stake Holders and the Community at large, Here at KIC we continuously work to give the best result with personalized care to each Intended Parent that approaches us.

Since its inception the clinic has helped more than 30,000 couples conceive through various forms of treatments for Infertility. It has organized various conferences on Infertility like listed below

a) Infertility Update and Workshop held at Hotel Taj Residency, Hyderabad in 1995 and was attended by more than 500 doctors from all across India.

b) Workshop was held at adjoining hospital “Ratna Hospital” on topics of Intra Uterine Insemination Demo, Ovum Pick-up, Fallopian Tube Cannijlation, Ultra Sonographer (Vaginal and Abdominal), Cyst aspiration.

c) Infertility Update and Workshop “Kiran Infertility and Research Center’ was held from 20th May I995 at Hotel Bhaskara Palace, Hyderabad and was attended by more than 200 doctors from all across India.

d) I.A.H.R (Indian Academy of Human Reproduction) National Conference and Workshop held from 17th to 19TH May 1996 AT Hotel Viceroy and Medwin Hospital and was attended by more than 250 Doctors.

e) National Annual Conference and Workshop held on 31st, Jan to 2nd Feb 1997 at Hotel Ramada Manohar, Begumpet, Hyderabad and was attended by more than 300 International and National Faculties. The Scientific Program in this Conference was first one dedicated only on topics related to Infertility.

f) Patients Safety And Autonomy Away From Home- Dr. Kiran Sekhar presented at COGI, Singapore in 2012. Surrogacy and Third Party Parenting has become an effective method for overcoming both biological and social infertility; and is a dynamic and rapidly evolving area in Fertility Treatments, Law and Psychology. (KSVitnev: Legal Control of Surrogacy – International Perspective) 

f) Motives for Patients to Travel abroad for fertility care-Dr. Samit Sekhar at COGI, Singapore.

g) Assisted reproductive technology (ART) lures people across borders. The willingness to travel for ART and the practice that facilitates fertility travel is known as “reproductive tourism.” In the past few years, reproductive tourism has expanded rapidly, and has acquired a public profile in the process. 

More than 600 Doctors have been trained by Kiran Infertility Centre in various Techniques of Infertility at the facility in Hyderabad.

Since the start of this program the Management has always tried to improvise, integrate and provide various other services that are required in this journey Reproductive Tourism. Now the Facility has also integrated non-medical services such as Travel, Accommodation, Legal and other applicable services with the Medical Services in the package they offer to its National & International Intended Parents opting for various Infertility Treatments.